Active Strain Transducer

What is an active strain transducer?

An active strain transducer is a sensor device that actively measures and monitors mechanical strain or deformation in a material and converts it into an electrical signal for analysis or control purposes.

SLB700A/06VA Active Strain Transducer

The SLB700A/06VA Active Strain Transducer from HBM is a budget-friendly sensor equipped with built-in electronics designed to measure extremely high forces. This transducer can be easily attached to structures using screws. When force is applied to the structure, the SLB700A/06VA accurately detects the resulting strain. Typically, strain is directly proportional to force, making it possible to measure applied force when appropriate calibration is performed. This technique is often referred to as “measurement in the force shunt.”

Compared to its passive counterpart, the SLB700A, the active SLB700A/06VA maintains the same level of durability but is more cost-effective due to its integrated measuring amplifier. This cost-effective sensor excels at reliably measuring even exceptionally large forces without affecting the dynamics of the machinery.

The setup process for the electronics in the SLB700A/06VA is straightforward. It involves taking measurements at the maximum force and at zero force. The output signal is then scaled between these two points. Regardless of the strain level, the maximum possible signal is transmitted to the next stage in the measurement chain (as explained below).

Additionally, the materials used in the sensor are resistant to most oils commonly used in applications involving presses, and they are also rustproof.




Quick Sensor Calibration: Here's How It's Done:

Unlike our SLB700A/06VA strain sensor, many other strain sensors on the market come with fixed amplification settings. For instance, they might produce a 10 V output signal when subjected to a strain of 500 µm/m. The drawback here is that the maximum output signal is tied to this fixed amplification, and it cannot be adjusted. So, if you apply a strain of 200 µm/m, you’ll get a reduced output voltage of 4 V. This can lead to unsatisfactory results, especially when you connect the sensor to a module with low resolution or increased noise, often chosen for cost-saving reasons.

HBM’s SLB700A/06VA strain sensors with integrated amplifier electronics offer a solution to this problem. These sensors provide the maximum possible output signal at all times, regardless of your specific application.

To achieve this, HBM has developed a very simple "teach-in procedure."




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Download the CAD step files for this product

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