Ensure your product quality through environmental testing

Ensure and verify the robustness and reliability of manufactured products, materials or devices by simulating conditions experience during transportation, storage and operation. 


Environmental testing services are carried out in order to ensure and verify the robustness and reliability of manufactured products, materials or devices. Environmental testing labs simulate conditions experienced during transportation, storage and operation. Industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Construction and many others have been carrying out environmental test programmes for years. This has a large role in why the assessment of the quality and safety of finished goods has never been as high as it is today.

We offer world-class solutions like:

  • Standard climatic test chambers and large walk-in or drive-in test facilities
  • Temperature, humidity, altitude, solar radiation, rainfall, sand, dust and corrosive atmospheres test facilities in environmental testing labs
  • Controllers, signal conditioning and software for servo-hydraulic test systems in applications ranging from simple single axis tests to complex multi-axis test rigs, including service load simulation testing and analysis
  • Customised hydraulic cylinders assessment so they can be used under any conditions
  • A comprehensive range of products, assessments and solutions to help customers solve vibration challenges




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