nCode DesignLife

Obtain fatigue life predictions from finite element results.

nCode DesignLife helps you in going beyond stress analysis. It simulates loading conditions to let you know how long the design will last and if it will pass the test before you have made the prototype. Product options containing functions for virtual shaker testing, fatigue of welds, vibration fatigue, crack growth detection, fatigue of composites, thermo-mechanical fatigue analysis and more are described below. 


  • Advanced technology for multiaxial, welds, short-fibre composite, vibration, crack growth, thermo-mechanical fatigue...
  • Intuitive, graphical interface for performing fatigue analysis from leading FEA results data, including ANSYS, Nastran, Abaqus, Altair OptiStruct, LS-Dyna and others
  • Multi-threaded and distributed processing capabilities for processing large finite element models and complete usage schedules
  • Single environment for correlating CAE directly with physical test data


  • Reduce reliance on physical test and avoid costly design and tooling changes
  • Perform smarter and quicker physical tests by simulating first
  • Decrease warranty claims by reducing failures
  • Reduce cost and weight by assessing more design options
  • Improve consistency and quality with standardized analysis processes
  • Highly configurable for the expert user

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