nCode GlyphWorks

Durability at the core of data processing

nCode GlyphWorks provides a graphical, process oriented environment, designed to handle large amounts of data. It is a data processing system for engineering test data analysis focusing on durability and fatigue analysis.


  • Proven analysis methods for durability and fatigue analysis with specialised capabilities for damage calculation and test profile generation
  • Intuitive, graphical interface for analysing gigabytes of multi-channel data
  • Pre-defined processes for performing accelerated durability tests for both time and frequency domain applications
  • Advanced anomaly detection tools for cleaning raw measured data
  • Wide range of built-in analysis functions and display types including synchronised GPS and video


  • Easily process huge amounts of data in a wide range of data formats
  • Save time and cost with faster, more realistic durability tests
  • Improve consistency and quality with standardised analysis processes
  • Increase productivity by going straight from raw data to finished reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis for experts but simple to use for occasional users raising team effectiveness

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