nCode VibeSys

A powerful system for acoustics and vibration analysis, nCode VibeSys enables you to satisfy customers in terms of sound, comfort and regulatory requirements through its user-friendly software. It is an impressive data processing system for vibration and acoustic test data analysis. In addition to general signal processing, VibeSys contains dedicated analyses for early fault detection in rotating machinery, rating human reactions to sounds and vibrations, and for characterizing the dynamics of a structure with VibeSys Structural Dynamics, VibeSys Human Perception, and VibeSys Rotating Machinery.


  • Proven methods for rotating machinery analysis, understanding human perception of vibration and sound, and structural dynamics
  • Pre-defined processes for performing time and frequency analysis
  • Operating deflection shapes (ODS) and mode shapes to visualise the vibration patterns of a structure
  • Intuitive displays for easy process development with media playback capabilities
  • Interactive displays for characterising modal properties to validate or enhance structural FE modelling
  • Vibration Manager for entering, editing, and viewing vibration specification data


  • Save time and cost with faster, more meaningful fault detection and diagnostics for rotating machinery
  • Satisfy customers' expectations in terms of sound, comfort, and regulatory requirements
  • Improve consistency and quality with standardised analysis processes
  • Go straight from raw data to finished reporting for improved productivity
  • Easily process huge amounts of data in a wide range of data formats

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