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The new “B” hardware platform of QuantumX from HBM

The new “B” hardware platform of the renowned universal QuantumX, the MX840B and MX440B modules has just been released for sale.

What’s new?
– Doubled sample rate, 40 kS/sec and doubled bandwidth, 7 kHz
– Support of IEPE / ICP®
– DC or CF bridge excitation
– Additional decimal sample rates and filter
– Ethernet PTPv2 time sync

QuantumX as perfect tool solving demanding Test & Measurement tasks!

See below the details specification of the new MX840B.

QuantumX MX840B – 8-channel universal amplifier

MX840B is the 8-channel universal amplifier of HBM’s QuantumX data acquisition system. MX840B is not only compact in size, but also very flexibility, best in class in measurement performance and ease of use.

Do you have complex and frequently varying measurement tasks? Do you use many different sensors? Be ready for the future!

The MX840B universal DAQ amplifier is the right choice for you. Its universal connectors make MX840B ideally suited for all common sensor technologies. No matter what principles of measurement you want to use and how you combine them.

MX840B supports the following transducer technologies (total of 8 channels:

– 8 x SG half or full bridge (DC or Carrier Frequency with 4.8 kHz);
– Quarter bridge via SCM-SGXXX module
– 8 x current fed piezo electric transducers (IEPE / ICP);
– 8 x piezo resistive full bridge;
– 8 x thermocouples (type K, N, R, S, T, B, E, J, C);
– 8 x thermometer (PT100, PT1000);
– 8 x resistance, potentiometric transducer;
– 8 x inductive half or full bridge, LVDT;
– 8 x voltage (100 mV, 10 and 60 V) or current (20 mA);
– 4 x counter, frequency, rotary encoder, SSI;
– 1 x CAN (receive: 128 signals, transmit: 7 signals / own channels);

The following applies for each channel:

– Data rate: max. 40 kS/s, selectable HBM classic or decimal data rate;
– Bandwidth: 7,2 kHz;
– Adjustable low pass filter (Bessel, Butterworth, Linear Phase);
– TEDS support: Automatic sensor identification;


– 1 x Ethernet (PTPv2), 2 x Firewire and 1 x backplane connector;
– Voltage supply: 10…30 V DC, max. 13 W;

Benefit from Advanced Plug & Measure using TEDS technology: No complex parameterization and configuration required in advance. You can start measuring immediately thus substantially reducing setup time.

Available Accessories:

– connection of thermocouples: 1-THERMO-MXBOARD;
– connection of strain gage 1/4-bridge: 1-SCM-SG120/350;
– connection of voltages up to 300 V CAT II: 1-SCM-HV;
– connection of 10 V or IEPE over BNC: 1-SUBHD15-BNC.

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