The ideal solutions for meeting noise & vibration requirements

Sensor and data acquisition solutions for design engineers and predictive maintenance by professionals to test and measure vibration, pressure, acoustics, load, and shock via noise and vibration testing.


When designing and building new products, design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals are challenged with finding practical and effective ways to validate performance and reliability via vibration measurement and analysis. Whether developing: new military hardware, state of the art vehicles, production plant, aircraft, mobile electronics, household goods or wind turbines there are requirements to meet vibration and acoustic performance standards, as well as the challenges of providing the reliability that customers depend on.

We meet the challenges of noise and vibration testing in all applications:

  • Noise source identification, sound power, pass-by noise, sound quality, acoustic material testing
  • Machine vibration analysis and validation, modal analysis, structural dynamics testing, machinery analysis and diagnostics, combustion dynamics
  • Transfer path analysis, NVH, wind tunnel testing, road load, durability, ride and handling
  • Urban noise planning, workplace noise, room and building acoustics, noise enforcement, acoustic analysis
  • Calibration machine vibration analysis




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