Strain Gauges Sensors & Transducers

Sensors & Transducers

Test and measurement equipment that delivers accurate and reliable results is essential to product development. TANDM provides solutions that ensure your results are trustworthy every single time.

Strain Gauges HBM

Strain Gauges

The first choice for strain and fatigue measurement in any application, from stress analysis to durability testing and transducer manufacturing.

Strain Transducers

Accurate, cost-effective and precise strain and force measurements regardless the measurement range, environment or application.

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Strain Transducers HBM
Industrial Accelerometer

Industrial Sensors & Transmitters

Industrial sensors for machine health monitoring. Reduce machine downtime with early diagnosis of imbalance, bearing faults and misalignment.

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Sensors for test and measurement input that are characterized by very short duration, high amplitude or wide spectrum frequency content.

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Test Accelerometer PCB
Load Cells for Weighing HBM

Load Cells for Weighing

Weighing technology that sets the standard for precision, safety, dependability, and quality.

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Force Sensors & Tranducers

Measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads with virtually no displacement.

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Force Transducers HBM
Torque Transducers HBM

Torque transducers

Measure static or dynamic torque, rotation speed and angle of rotation with solutions from the worldwide market leader in torque quality and performance.

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Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

Measure small pressure fluctuations at high static pressure levels. Ideal for unconventional environments.

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Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor PCB
Industrial Pressure Sensor HBM

Pressure Sensors & Transducers

Extremely durable transducers and sensors for high pressure measurements in industrial and manufacturing applications.

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Tactile Pressure Sensors

Force and pressure measurement that delivers unique data and insight, reduces costs, and enhances product design.

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Tactile Sensors Teckscan
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Displacement, Distance & Position Sensors

Get high-precision results in harsh environments through non-contact measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation and vibration.

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Detect, measure and evaluate profiles on different object surfaces without any contact. Suitable for a variety of industrial applications, from factory automation to machine building.

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2D 3D Laser Sensors ME
Ouster lidar


Create a 3D representation of any environment with laser scanning. Suitable for many industries, including automotive, trucking, UAV/drones, industrial, and mapping.

Inertial Sensors

Get the best inertial performance to price value for pitch & roll, inclination, acceleration, angular rate, position, velocity and more.

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Inertial Sensor MicroStrain


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