Strain Transducer for High Forces

What is a strain transducer for high forces?

A strain transducer for high forces is a specialized sensor or transducer designed to measure and convert mechanical strain or deformation resulting from high forces or loads into an electrical signal. This electrical signal can then be used for data acquisition, monitoring, and analysis purposes. These transducers are often used in various industrial and scientific applications where it’s crucial to accurately measure and monitor the forces applied to a structure or component.

SLB700 Strain Sensor: Affordable and Reliable Force Measurement Solution for Various Applications

The SLB strain sensor is designed for measuring force in a cost-effective way. It has a track record of being used successfully in various applications where super high accuracy isn’t critical, but durability and affordability are important factors.

The primary uses of this sensor include basic weighing tasks like measuring the contents of a tank and monitoring production processes, such as keeping an eye on the operation of a press.

The SLB700 strain sensor is designed to be screwed onto an object, and it works on the principle that when a force is applied to an object, it causes the object to deform slightly (strain). This deformation can be measured accurately, and because the amount of strain is directly related to the force applied, the SLB700A sensor can reliably tell you how much force is being exerted. However, it’s essential to calibrate the sensor before using it to get precise results.

One of the key advantages of this sensor is that it can handle measuring very large forces with accuracy. Importantly, it doesn’t interfere with the natural movements of the machine it’s monitoring.

The SLB700 is a type of strain transducer, which means it provides a signal that’s 2.3 times stronger than what you’d get from a traditional bonded strain gauge installation. This feature is useful when dealing with objects like presses that don’t deform much under load.

Furthermore, the materials used to make the sensor are resistant to many of the oils typically used in press applications, and it’s also rustproof, ensuring its durability in demanding environments.




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Download the CAD step files for this product

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