Measurement and Automation through Vision Technologies

Vision technologies for displacement, strain temperature, vibration, high-speed applications, aerial imaging and machine visioning.


We have a wide variety of vision solutions that assist with the measurement and automation for factories, test fields, mines, and more. Machine visioning is digitising all industries and makes quality control, production assemblies and test fields more efficient and accurate.

We are proud to provide best-in-class vision technologies, which includes:

  • One of the most accurate image trackers from Image Systems;
  • High-speed thermal imaging and displacement from Micro-Epsilon;
  • One of the best inspection and machine vision cameras by Basler;
  • Shock resistant high-speed imaging for extreme conditions from IDT;
  • High-resolution aerial imaging by Phase-One;
  • and some of the best Lidar solutions from Velodyne Lidar.

Our team of vision specialists can give you hands on training, consulting and local support for all our vision solutions and prepare your factories, test fields, and mines for the future.



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