Optimize your measurement chain with complete off-the shelf and custom solutions that provide real-time control over your products, processes and results.

Sound Level Meter

Industry leaders in portable, smartphone operated, sound level meters and analyzers. Designed for class 1 sound measurement, ease-of-use and unrivaled flexibility.

Universal DAQ

The perfect tool for reliable data acquisition of different physical quantities and sensor technologies.

High Speed DAQ

Super fast measurement of electrical and mechanical parameters with the all-in-one high-speed transient recorder, data recorder and data acquisition system.

Rugged DAQ

Reliable data acquisitioning in harsh environments, such as vehicle, railroad, structural and bench testing.

Noise & Vibration Analysers

Invest in the most technologically advanced sound and vibration solutions. Designed to save time and eliminate errors in the measurement process.

Specialised DAQ

Flexible, rugged and reliable data acquisition systems for environments with limited space, highly dynamic environments, field testing, high speed blast testing and more.

Inertial Navigation Systems

Accurately capture position, orientation and dynamic measurement with high-performance inertial navigation technology.

Telemetry Systems

Telemetry system famous for extreme miniaturization, flexible adaptation and trouble-free data transmission, even under the harshest environmental conditions.

Laser Doppler Vibrometers

World-class laser Doppler vibrometers for non-contact, high-precision vibration measurements on any surface.

Industrial Interfaces

Connecting to serial, Ethernet, USB, PCI and IO to detect, monitor and control in the network.