Vision Systems

Vision systems are an integral part of many processes due to their versatility. Whether you need to do temperature measurements or product inspection, there is a solution available. From deep-learning software to thermography, TANDM has vision systems for any application.

Industrial Machine Vision

Experience the power of sight with a range of industrial and network cameras to make processes smoother and systems more effective.

Machine Vision Software & Libraries

User-friendly, graphical machine vision software, used by machine builders, vision system integrators and industrial end-users.

High Resolution Imaging

Reach maximum productivity with the largest area sensor, powerful workflows and ultimate image quality.

High Speed Cameras & Lighting

Innovation in motion with high-speed digital and analogue imaging sensors.

Advanced Motion Analysis Software

Powerful, accurate image post-processing results in applications where movement, orientation or shape of a object is measured and analyzed.

Industrial Thermal Imager

Thermal imaging cameras for monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes in precise and dynamic industrial applications.

High-End Thermography

Reliable, high-class infrared cameras and thermographic automation solutions for contactless temperature measurement.

Aerial Imaging

The complete solution for industrial and aerial imaging challenges to improve productivity, save time, and reduce cost.