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Whether in person, by phone or via email, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with all your test and measurement queries, from complex measurement setups to installation and operation of your equipment.


TANDM provides professional support for your measurement tasks. Whether on site or virtual, our dedicated and technically competent support team is ready to assist you with a variety of test and measurement queries. Whether you are at the beginning of a measurement setup, require assistance with the installation of hardware and software, or need an expert to help with the operation of your equipment the TANDM team is always ready to help.

Service and support contracts are designed to provide you with regular maintenance, support and calibration of your test and measurement equipment. These contracts are specifically tailored toward your client needs and guarantee quick turnaround times at a stable and affordable price.

Minimize downtime and maximise productivity with your test and measurement equipment through professional parts logistics and leased equipment. We ensure that your test equipment, and consequently your measurement systems, are always operational including:

1. Replacement of your measuring equipment with hired devices to avoid downtime during maintenance and calibration. 

2. Supply of leased equipment and service engineers for special measurement tasks where you do not have all the necessary equipment. 

3. We keep essential sensors and measurement accessories in stock especially for you.

Custom Measurement Solutions

We are your partner for an array of technical challenges in any environment. TANDM has the in-house capability to assist with any engineering challenges including expert measurement advice, data collection and equipment hire. Our engineers and technicians will visit your facility to support you with the commissioning, maintenance, detailed instructions and documentation related to your measurement technology. 

Take advantage of TANDM’s measurement technology and expertise fostered by industry experience by letting us conduct measurement tasks on your behalf. Your requirements will form the basis of a tailored solution that includes system design, sensor selection, data acquisitioning and technical reporting. This is hugely beneficial when your tests require an abundance of physical or technical resources, but you don’t want to commit to these resources long term.

TANDM provides custom solutions personalized to your test and measurement needs. From research and development to industrial applications, we will assess the nuances of your task and propose the optimal test and measurement solution.

TANDM can design, install and commission custom testing solutions to test products against international standards and specifications. Our team has the ability to translate your testing requirements into a physically realized test and measurement system, that is unique to your application.

TANDM has the capacity and technical competency to design custom sensors in order to meet your novel measurement requirements. We strive to develop reliable and repeatable ways to measure any parameter of interest even if no off-the-shelf solution currently exists.

Repairs and maintenance

At TANDM we understand and appreciate the value of equipment that works well, and that is why we offer instrumentation repairs and maintenance – to ensure that your equipment performs optimally at all times! Our experts are able to examine defective components and determine the best and quickest repair for your instruments. Depending on the scope of the repairs, it is either done in-house or sent to the supplier for repair.

We assist with traceable, reliable, and precise calibration and verification for your sensors, data acquisition systems or complete measurement chain. This is essential for long-term quality assurance of your measurement results.

TANDM offers the following on-site services for climatic and thermal test chambers of any brand:

  • Verification of operation and functional testing
  • Complete check of refrigeration system
  • Complete check of humidity system (if equipped)
  • Complete check of electrical systems
  • Annual leakage control and check of all gaskets and seals

TANDM also provides calibration and validation of your climatic and thermal test chambers following the IEC standards IEC60068-3-5 and IEC 60068-3-6.

 If you need a specially designed test chamber or a separate cooling system for your lab, we can support you with the development, construction and installation of such a system.

TANDM provides a full range of repair and maintenance services that minimizes downtime and maximises the working life of your vibration equipment. These include:

  1. Repair and maintenance of smaller instruments
  2. On-site repair and maintenance of electro-dynamic shakers, amplifiers and controllers. 
  3. Calibration of measurement Instruments, accelerometers and controllers. 
  4. Operator training for vibration test systems
  5. On-site installation by our application specialists


TANDM can support you with the commissioning, re-commissioning, system integration, and acceptance testing of your vibration test system.

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