LDS V8900 Brüel & Kjær Testing System


Product testing ensures that your solutions will perform as designed in real life. TANDM offers a wide range of scalable test systems to cover all product quantities, all environments and all testing procedures.
Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration Testing

Monitor dynamic behaviour and predict failure with vibration testing equipment suitable for the entire spectrum of modal and structural testing and analysis.

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Force & Torque Measurement

Ensure product quality with force and torque measurement solutions used by quality control, manufacturing, and research professionals around the globe.

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Force and Torque Measurement System
Servo-Hydraulic Cylinder Hanchen

Servo-Hydraulic Cylinders

High-quality, low-friction and robust hydraulic cylinders. Perfect for safe and reliable control in any industry.

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Servo-Hydraulic Controller

Next-generation solutions for servo-hydraulic testing of structures, components and materials.

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Servo-Hydraulic Controller Cats3