High Resolution Imaging Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Vision systems are an integral part of many processes due to their versatility. Whether you need to do temperature measurements or product inspection, there is a solution available. From deep-learning software to thermography, TANDM has vision systems for any application.

Industrial Machine Visioning Basler

Industrial Machine Vision

Experience the power of sight with a range of industrial and network cameras to make processes smoother and systems more effective.

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Machine Vision Software & Libraries

User-friendly, graphical machine vision software, used by machine builders, vision system integrators and industrial end-users.

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Machine Vision Software & Libraries Adaptive Vision
High-End Machine Vision Phase One

High Resolution Imaging

Reach maximum productivity with the largest area sensor, powerful workflows and ultimate image quality.

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High Speed Cameras & Lighting

Innovation in motion with high-speed digital and analogue imaging sensors.

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High Speed Cameras & Lighting IDT
Advanced Motion Analysis Software Image Systems

Advanced Motion Analysis Software

Powerful, accurate image post-processing results in applications where movement, orientation or shape of a object is measured and analyzed.

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Industrial Thermal Imager

Thermal imaging cameras for monitoring and control of temperature-critical processes in precise and dynamic industrial applications.

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Industrial Thermal Imager Micro-Epsilon
High-End Thermography Solutions InfraTec

High-End Thermography

Reliable, high-class infrared cameras and thermographic automation solutions for contactless temperature measurement.

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Aerial Imaging

The complete solution for industrial and aerial imaging challenges to improve productivity, save time, and reduce cost.

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Aerial Imaging PhaseOne
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3D Scanning

3D imaging solutions that are used globally in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, computer vision, 3D visualization, and building information systems.

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Motion Magnification

With the help of specialized video analysis algorithms, it is possible to identify minute movements and translate them into thousands of accurate vibration signals from a single video.

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An example of the vision system solutions available through TANDM


These self-cleaning cameras are intelligently engineered to effectively tackle all types of contaminants without the need for regular maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and reliability over time.


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