two days | R6000 (Excl. VAT) per delegate

two days | R6000 

(Excl. VAT) per delegate

Learn the role of fatigue in product life through practical concepts!

This course provides an introduction to fatigue analysis methods, applicable to test and CAE-based fatigue calculations such as stress-life, strain-life and crack growth. Gain an in-depth understanding of practical applicability, concepts and nCode fatigue analysis software. Topics that will be discussed include, among others, introduction to fatigue as a failure, the physics of fatigue, multiaxial fatigue, fracture mechanics and crack growth and fatigue of welds. 

Day 1

Introduction to fatigue as a failure mode

The physics of fatigue

Overview of fatigue analysis methods

FrequencyStress-life approach (SN)

Day 4

Strain-life approach (EN)

Multiaxial fatigue

Fracture mechanics and crack growth

Fatigue of welds

Practical session: Group application with real data

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