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TANDM Innovation Webinar Series | Anybotics

Episode 1 | Automate Industrial Inspection 

Introducing ANYmal: your partner in an industrial inspection! 

Join us for a webinar that focuses on industry-leading autonomous inspection robotics. TANDM, in collaboration with ANYbotics, the global leader in AI-driven autonomous robots, is proud to host this event which highlights the future of industrial inspection.  

Discover the ANYmal quadruped robot’s core functionalities and learn how this functionality is revolutionising the mining, rail, and power generation industries! Our expert speakers will uncover how ANYmal can improve on-site safety while simultaneously reducing plant downtime, among other real-world applications! 

Engage with experts from ANYbotics and academia, and explore cutting-edge technology that is applicable across industries. Engineers, scientists, roboticists, and industry executives are invited to attend this webinar. 

Improve safety | Reduce downtimes | Optimise operations

When: 8 August 2024 |10 am (SAST) 

Duration: 1 hour 

Language: English 

TANDM LinkedIn Profile Photo 2
TANDM LinkedIn Profile Photo 2

keynote speaker

Duncan Kennon

With a physics degree from the University of Glasgow, Duncan Kennon has four years of experience with quadrupedal robots. At ANYbotics, he focuses on sales in the Mining and Nuclear sectors. Passionate about deploying the ANYmal inspection solution globally, Duncan engages with customers worldwide, spending time on industrial sites to better understand needs and assist with implementation, creating value for end users and partners.

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TANDM LinkedIn Profile Photo 2 1

keynote speaker

Dr. Callen Fisher

Dr. Callen Fisher has a PhD from the University of Cape Town and is a senior lecturer at Stellenbosch University, currently holding the Enaex Africa Research Chair in Mining Robotics. Currently he is focusing on underground inspection robotics to improve the safety of our miners. With 5 years in academics, he is part of the Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL) research group and specializes in autonomous robotic systems.

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