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Load cells, used to measure weight, are an integral part of daily life. Although not always visible, they have different types of applications to suit many industries. From a fresh produce scale in your supermarket to a weighbridge on a highway, to bottling plants, food canning and packaging facilities, to even measuring the water resistance of swimwear apparel, they are everywhere and serve a critical function.  

Long-term- and temperature stability are two of the key prerequisites of a precise scale in a harsh, industrial environment. HBM’s products meet this through their exceptional precision and reliability, which is the cornerstone of their 73-year history in weighing technology.

Each load cell design is unique and dependent on application, and categorisation is based on the type of signal transmission – digital or analogue. Analogue load cells require a measuring amplifier device, whereas digital load cells have built-in electronics that are used to process the measurement results and present them in a prepared format.

The Value of Digitising Load Cells

Accurate measuring is a non-negotiable feature that facilitates the strictly regulated process of selling goods by weight. Calibration is critical and must be done at the installation location for compliance. The digitising of load cells addresses these requirements and reduces errors and uncertainties, by reducing the analogue signal path and negating the need for analogue transmission over long distances. Digital weighing technology, in particular, offers enormous potential for determining filling quantities quickly and precisely, which can lead to major savings in both money, production, and time. Once a load cell is digitised, business processes become optimised and streamlined.

With measurements now available on smart portable devices, they are now easily shareable and accessible. Furthermore, each cell can have its own address supporting communication on industrial bus protocol and providing additional functionality.

Digital load cells are without a doubt an intelligent solution for industries’ checkweighing, packaging, filling or sorting requirements. These dynamic weighing systems are precise, fast, and competitively priced to suit customer needs.

“More precise, more rugged, faster, more intelligent – there is no foreseeable end to the technological development of load cells,” says Stefan Schmidt, product manager at HBM, manufacturer of this technology.

Digital Sensor Electronics

Digital Sensor Electronics (DSE) is an innovative digital load cell product that combines dynamic signal processing with efficient communication via the Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherCAT) to control integration and speed up processes.

Through its easy conversion of analogue signals to digital protocols, it meets accuracy requirements for legal compliance – a condition for operating in the industry today. It can also be used on any scale where digital communication is needed and forms the core of dynamic weighing and packaging processes. The product has an intuitive web interface that facilitates both the parameterisation and acquisition of measured values, making any additional software unnecessary. The digitising of load cells integrates weighing with the programmable logic controller (PLC). Fast, reliable, and robust, it saves time and money and increases production outputs.

The DSE’s ideal use is in dynamic, automated weighing applications and is perfect for harsh industrial environments. It features a compact, water-tight, stainless steel housing designed to withstand extreme temperatures and meet stringent hygiene standards. The device is also IP67/68/69K optimally protected and sealed. It can be sterilised using high-pressure cleaning systems. With its EHEDG hygiene compliance, it is also suited to use in cold-aseptic applications.

This plug-and-work modular solution with integrated filters for precise weighing and automation, facilitates modern industry.

As a supplier of weighing technology components for our leading global partner, HBK (formerly HBM), in South Africa, we can provide a cost-effective digital load cell for any industry application including software, support, and remote maintenance; and is revolutionising weighing technology.

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