Why use a strain gauge rosette?


With the use of a strain gauge rosette we are able to calculate principal strains and stresses accurately in both magnitude and direction ensuring the integrity of your stress analysis results.

Fast, Accurate Weighing

Bottles on a manufacturing line which includes accurate weighing systems to maintain product standards

Load cells, used to measure weight, are an integral part of daily life. Although not always visible, they have different types of applications to suit many industries. From a fresh produce scale in your supermarket to a weighbridge on a highway, to bottling plants, food canning and packaging facilities, to even measuring the water resistance […]

catmanAP: Measurement Made Simple

catmanap featured image

CatmanAP is a software suite used with HBM’s range of data acquisition hardware. It simplifies measurements by automatically configuring sensors with TEDS technology, allowing sensors to be plugged into any channel on any DAQ without concern for setup errors. Additionally, CatmanAP allows the user to define fast, default, and slow sample rates on a per-channel basis, and provides the ability to save measurement data in multiple formats, including Excel, NI DIAdem, and MATLAB. CatmanAP also includes a video module that supports built-in, USB, and ethernet cameras.

PCB Testing with Strain Gauges

An up close photo of a PCB, these are the focus of PCB testing with strain gauges

Strain gauge testing allows for the objective analysis of the strain and strain rate levels that PCB components may be subjected to throughout their lifecycle. The purpose of this testing is to characterize strain-induced failures and failure modes.

Liner system design onsite testing

Liner Design Cover

Environmental sustainability requirements increases the need for testing and verification of landfill liner designs. Laboratory testing is the common method, it is not always the best. Therefore, TANDM developed an onsite testing technique for fast and accurate results.

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