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Fabchem Mining Launches the SPT100 SMART Pull Tester

Fabchem Mining, a leading O.E.M and manufacturer of strata control products and solutions to both the mining and civil industries, has recently launched its new groundbreaking SPT100 SMART Pull Tester. Developed in collaboration with TANDM Technologies, the SPT100 digitises in-situ pull tests for support tendons of underground mining roofs.

The industry standard for pull testers relied on indirect pressure-to-force measurement from the hydraulic pump dial gauge. If a pull tester has reached its maximum stroke, the pressure will remain climbing on the dial gauge due to the pressure buildup in the hydraulic cylinder and not the applied force on the support tendon. The measurement technologies applied on the SPT100 alleviate this error.


TANDM’s expertise in test and measurement technology, backed by customer training and service, played a crucial role in finding a cost-effective and reliable load sensor technology for the SPT100. This innovative device, with electronic sensors and LED indicators, sets a new standard in mining roof support testing, showcasing a commitment to accuracy and innovation in the industry.

Electronic  Load & Displacement Sensors:

The integration of electronic load and displacement sensors replaces traditional dial pressure gauges. This ensures more precise and reliable measurements of the applied load on support tendons like resin bolts and split-sets.

Ten Load Indication LED’s:

The inclusion of ten load indication LED lights provides a visual representation of the applied load. This feature can help operators quickly assess the status of the pull test and ensures easy interpretation of results.

Mine-Specific Pull Test Parameters:

The SPT100 can be calibrated to accommodate mine-specific tendon loading requirements. This customization allows for more tailored and accurate testing based on the specific requirements of different mining environments.

Downloadable to PC or Smartphone/Tablet:

The device offers the convenience of data transfer to both PCs and mobile devices. This feature streamlines the data collection process and facilitates easy storage, analysis, and sharing of pull test results.

Compatible with Android Hand-Held (Wi-Fi) for Real-Time Reporting:

The compatibility with Android hand-held devices equipped with Wi-Fi enables real-time reporting. This functionality enhances communication and decision-making by providing instant access to pull test results, allowing for prompt action if needed.

Assistance from TANDM Technologies in Strain Gauge Layout:

TANDM Technologies played a crucial role in the research and development of the SPT100 by assisting Fabchem in designing, placing, and bonding strain gauges. This ensures the accuracy of the results by optimizing the integration of sensors.

Elimination of Manual Record Keeping:

The SPT100 eliminates the need for manual recording of applied loads and displacements, reducing the chances of errors by storing all test data on the device, which can be downloaded at a later stage. This automation not only enhances accuracy but also saves time for operators.

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