Everything about the TANDM Community Connect!

So, what's the buzz?

Since its introduction in 2019, the TANDM Community Connect (TCC) has become the annual networking event for the local Test & Measurement industry. The TCC is an event anchored on the insights of industry leaders and partners with significant impact and value. We believe that bringing together various information resources for networking, learning, and sharing will significantly assist in pushing our industry forward as a whole. The buzz is about creating a community and providing this community with a platform of opportunities to explore the best in Test and Measurement!

Who's attending?

Test & Measurement is, so to speak, a necessary part of every industry. Therefore, we welcome quite a variety of attendees, not limited to one industry but coming from an array of industries, thereby expanding the possibilities of sharing new knowledge. You will find yourself in a unique environment of like-minded peers who share experiences on the latest innovations and developments in testing. The audience usually comprises of professional engineers and business leaders who are drivers of change for their respective organisations.

Event Speakers?

Learn from industry leaders in the field who will guide you through the nuances of building better products, services, and features by addressing common failures and success patterns. Speakers from our past TCCs include: Andrew Halfpenny (Chief Technologist – HBK), Christof Salcher (Director Product Management & Innovation – HBK), Dr Mark Newby (Stress & Vibration Consultant, Research Associate – Nelson Mandela University), Cuan Stephenson (Product Engineer – Technogrid) and Pieter Keevy (Test Engineer – Leatt Corporation Inc.), to name just a few. Each presentation ends with a Q&A session that allows for clarification and consolidation of learning.

What you can expect

A whole bunch of networking and knowledge sharing! Each session will feature an insider’s look at unique applications and projects leading the way for our industry, as well as tips on avoiding common pitfalls and getting ahead in your field. Learn about the latest technologies, best practices, and test & measurement methods. Each event has a few product demos from some of the best global brands and leading companies.

Why you cannot miss the next TCC!

If we don’t know you, we’d love to meet you! The TCC holds ample opportunities to learn, network, discuss ideas, grow your business, meet new people, and get exclusive insights into the latest trends. The best of all – attendance is FREE. Join us in expanding the fraternity built by past events. 

Attendance is free, but spots are limited, so book your spot today! Check out our TCC page or keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for the latest news on this year’s TCC.

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for the latest news on this year’s TCC.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us at info@tandm.co.za

A few highlights from past events:

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